The Unique and Undeniably Wonderful Travel Romance

My Favorite Travel Romance

Travelling with new people is a whirlwind romance.  It has the fastest relationship cycle of any I know.  Meeting a stranger that you click with is exciting and new, first names and occupations aren’t often a factor. Lively and animated conversations flow freely about where you’ve been, who you’ve met, traveled with, common friends, music, food, likes, dislikes, trials, tribulations and commiserations, one after the other.  You have found your partner in crime, a person to laugh with when things go to shit.  Someone to take half the burdens of the day, the language barriers, the negotiations, the costs.  The courtship of dependability, joy and attitude of the world.  The energy between you is invigorating and makes the days and nights fly by until … 

The relationship hits a crossroads and you can go one of two ways:

First the dark side.  During the honeymoon stage of your travel romance, plans have been made and you have agreed to get to destination X. And then … You notice a habit or characteristic and that small annoyance begins to fester.  It takes on a life of its own. The intrigue shifts to tolerance.   How much more can you stand.  How long until I’m rid of this person or I can escape.  Contempt starts to envelope your soul and you are counting down the hours to say, “Sayonara bi-atch, I’m outie.”  And that kindred spirit has left you feeling sour.  When dating someone at home these traits would have taken months to recognize.

Now for the good stuff.  You will at some point separate.  Anticipations and plans of other places will come.  Trains, planes, visas and the desire to continue your journey will tear you away from one another.  Families have been made, moments that can never be replaced or replicated, tears will flow, and hearts will break.  You won’t lose these people.  They will find you and you will find them.  These relationships are unique and treasured and if you are lucky you will have a life full of them.  If you are really, really lucky you will end up changing your plans, staying true to yourself, adjusting your life, continuing the adventure with your favorite person (yes, that has happened).

My Cambodian Family

The takeaway: Be open to adventures and accepting of strangers and realize that everyone comes into your life with a purpose either for you or for them or for both. 

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