Recipes- copious amounts of figs in South Africa that had to be creatively used and turned into recipes
Food photography- Bright green cucumbers, basil, and sunchokes at a local market in Sicily, Italy.
Bahn Beo in Hue, Vietnam

Why Food?

I love food. Everything about it – the planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, presenting. ALL OF IT. I love the sustenance it brings, the creativity, the versatility, and the beauty. I love the connection accompanying meals, gathering around a table, a campfire, or a late-night takeaway window. I love bonding with people who are also passionate about, you guessed it, food. Hearing their stories, their favorites. And I love how food transports you to incredible places. Your kitchen invites you to the Louisiana Bayou, a Moroccan medina, or memory of sitting on your grandmother’s yellow, vinyl kitchen stool. I dedicate this page to all things food – Recipes, epicurean adventures, my hit lists of local cuisines, camp cooking, and planning, and street market photography. You get the idea.


Bahn Beo in Hue, Vietnam

I love seeking out food specific to destinations. These are my foodie hit lists & very soon I’d love to share them. Shorter lists can currently be found at the end of each of the city guides.

On Key

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