The Mzungu Tax(i)

In the 18th century, as European explorers reached Eastern Africa, they translated “Mzungu” to mean “came around” or “wanderer” in KiSwahili.  It commonly refers to

Zanzibroke- Zanzibar on the Cheap

I could have gotten sucked into Zanzibar.  It has my happy color blue Indian Ocean, friendly people, lively vibe and lots of activity.  I only

Arusha Arrival

Let me start by saying: Always double and triple check all your personal information when booking flights.  I was in Milan, Italy trying to check

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a bowl of pasta alle vongole with a fork

Pasta alle Vongole

A classic Sicilian dish featuring pasta with clams. Pasta alle Vongole, meaning pasta with clams, represents a delectable dish that offers both simplicity and rich