Coco got a lot of Iron, Make you Strong like a Lion

The colorful umbrellas and crows along the beach in Cefalu
Beach in Cefalu, Sicily
I love the beaches of the Mediterranean and there is something particularly special about the beaches of Sicily. The Island is charming and layered in nostalgia. An island rich in history. Little beach huts and loungers for rent. Families camping out for the day. Olive hued fathers with leathery tans standing knee high in the water in white speedos, animatedly gesturing with a cigarette between two fingers. The kids are splashing around their father’s feet vying for their attention to get thrown into the waves. Mothers laid out on the beach blankets wearing heavy earrings, never getting wet and flipping thru the garish merch the vendors are heaving up and down their sandy coast. And my favorite, the tall man with the wide smile singing “Bella Coco, Coco Bella, Beautiful Coconuts” and carrying a bowl of refreshingly cold coconut meat over ice.
Fresh Coconut Fountain in Sicily

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