The Campfire Cake

Campfire cake- chocolate flavored and topped with fresh strawberries and powdered sugar cut and ready to eat

Life is always better with sprinkles on top. While I never see myself as a baker EVER, this basic campfire cake recipe takes extraordinarily little effort and can be made in one pot over coals.  Whether you are celebrating, making someone’s day a little extra, or maybe it’s a Thursday, whipping up this quick cake is a breeze. A feel good for everyone.

Cake makes the best possible breakfast. Preferably chocolate, but yellow birthday cake with lots of icing is a good alternative.

my mother

The base recipe for campfire cake stays the same and the flavors can change depending the mood, what you have on and, and of course the special requests. I’ll use a little confectioners sugar, sliced berries, or whipped cream to adorn my cake.

The ingredients for campfire cake:  eggs, yogurt, sugar, flour, baking powder, coconut oil, and vanilla
The ingredients


  • 3 eggs
  • 1C. sugar
  • 1C. plain yogurt
  • dash of vanilla
  • 1.5C cake flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • dash of salt
  • add ins of choice
  • ½ cup coconut or vegetable oil


  • bowl
  • fork
  • spatula
  • pan
  • cast iron pot/ potjie pot (for fire)


  1. Mix eggs, sugar, yogurt, and vanilla together. 
  2. Mix flour, baking powder, salt together. 
  3. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. 
  4. Fold in your add ins. 
  5. Mix in oil.  
  6. Pour into cake pan, we set a cake pan into the potjie to avoid it touching the bottom of the pot. 
  7. Bake in oven or over and under coals for 50 minutes rotating once. 
  8. Poke with knife to see if it is pulled clean. 
  9. Let rest for 20 minutes.
  10. Voila- CAKE!

Tasty add-ins for Campfire Cake

  • spiced chocolate: add 1/2C cocoa powder, a few cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Add a bit more yogurt to keep it moist.
  • sautéed stone fruit: dice up cherries and a peach, sauté for a few minutes in coconut oil and add into the mix. With the wet mixture you may want to add a bit more cake flour.
  • fermented pineapple: This was the leftover pineapple from our pineapple beer during lockdown. We added a bit of ginger powder and cinnamon to the mix.
  • chai masala: add 3 tbsp chai masala and chopped dates and pistachios.
  • passion fruit and plum: the innards of 3 passion fruits and sliced plum on top.
  • lemon poppy seed: mix the zest from 2 lemons and 3 tablespoons poppy seeds. While cake is baking juice the lemons and mix with 1tbsp sugar over heat to make syrup. When the cake is baked poke holes in it and pour the syrup into the baked cake.
  • lemon tahini: mix in large spoonful of lemon preserves and 1 large spoonful of tahini.
  • grapefruit: mix zest from 1 grapefruit. While cake is baking juice the grapefruit and mix with 1tbsp sugar over heat to make syrup. When the cake is baked poke holes in it and pour the syrup into the baked cake.

Interested in other campfire recipes? Try Wildebeest Stew or an Indian Feast over Fire

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