An Indian Inspired Feast over Fire

This menu is great for a small gathering and easy to prep ahead of time making hosting a breeze.

When we are camping, Indian food will usually end up on the menu at least once a week. The flavors pack a lot of punch and a curry is perfect for a crowd. We utilize the campfire in several different ways making it is easy to pull together a gorgeous spread simultaneously. Here we have used the potjie, the enamel pot, the braai grid, and the foil, but again all of this can be done at home with two burners and an oven. Here are some creative Indian camping recipes that will elevate your next camping trip.

In India I ate a lot!  My friend’s families would invite me for dinner and there would be no less than six different dishes on the table.  Below is an incredible example of a Thali– a round platter with a variety of Indian dishes hosting simple ingredients such as chickpeas, lentils, and potatoes elevated with bold spices and various chutneys. 

A traditional Thali in a restaurant in Mumbai, India
My first Thali in Mumbai

One of the things that brings me joy is a good theme night. It can coincide with hosting book club, watching a movie, or just needing a mid-week escape. I like to get absorbed in the feeling of the inspired place with the the all the senses playing a role. Rich wafts of curry, tasty bites, a pretty plating, and a good set list can transport you (bonus if you set an elegant table with bright colored saris). This menu is great for a small gathering and easy to prep ahead of time making hosting a breeze.

Indian Fire Feast

The menu:

Here’s how to pull the whole thing off :

Chicken on the grid, cauliflower in the foil, peas pulao in the enamel, and saag paneer in the potjie
  1. 24 hours ahead– Prep your masalas for tandoori chicken, cauliflower and saag paneer- you can do them at the same time in different bowls (since they use similar ingredients).
  2. Prep your chicken.
  3. Prep cauliflower and let marinate in flavors, can be wrapped in foil at this point and put in fridge.
  4. Time to cook- Cube and dry paneer.
  5. Make fire. 
  6. Once coals are hot and ready, divide the coals
  7. Chicken skewers on the grid and cauliflower on the coals.
  8. Heat up oil in potjie/ cast iron pot
  9. Fry the cheese on all sides in the cast iron pot. 
  10. Remove the cheese from the pot and onto towel covered plate.
  11. Remove pot from fire. 
  12. Flip chicken, rotate cauliflower
  13. Start making the rice in second pot. 
  14. In last 5 minutes of rice cooking add the peas to the rice and put the cast iron pot back on the coals
  15. Heat up the oil again. 
  16. Sauté the onion and spices for spinach
  17. Add in the spinach and stir
  18. Toss in the paneer and mix. 
  19. Pull everything from the fire and let rest for 5 minutes
  20. Serve hot, fresh, and tasty.

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