Irish Epicurean- 19 Traditional Irish Dishes & Drinks

smoked salmon with poached eggs and boxty served with greens and cherry tomatoes

Ireland may not be widely recognized as a foodie destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a fantastic meal during your visit. Discover the rich culinary heritage of the country by seeking out these must-try Irish dishes.

Irish Staples & Seasonal Ingredients


Ireland is famous for its pastoral landscape, rolling green hills speckled with handsome Kerry Cows, lamb, and sheep grazing in the green grass.  The country’s farmland is primarily dedicated to producing high-quality grass-fed dairy products.  Enjoy the creamy milk, flavorful cheeses, and renowned silky golden Kerrygold butter produced in Cork, perfect on just about anything with which butter can go. 

Two sheep in the bright green spring grass in Ireland


Proteins in Ireland commonly found are pork, lamb, and beef.  As an island country, Ireland’s stunning coastal regions also offers fresh seafood and shellfish options that contribute to its diverse culinary offerings.  Salmon, haddock, cod, monkfish, brown crab, mussels, Dublin oysters, and langoustine are the most common.

the contrast of soft grass and hard sandstone on the way down to one of the inlets along the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland


Ireland is situated in the Atlantic Ocean because of the warm gulf stream air, it is not as affected by extreme weather patterns and considered fairly mild albeit very wet.  The nutrient dense soil and the relatively mild climate lends itself well to potato farming as well as other root vegetables.  Carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, kale, and mushrooms thrive there.  Summer berries such as strawberries, elderberries, and gooseberries grow well.  And cereal crops such as wheat, barley, and oats are converted into brews and bakes.

strawberry growing on the ground in the late spring

locally sourced

Traditional Irish dishes historically been locally sourced and utilize what is available and generally inexpensive. Vegetable like potatoes and cabbage are commonly paired with the local dairy and meat products. Imports like exotic spices and seasonal vegetables are limited but this doesn’t mean the food lacks flavor.

vegetarian/ vegan

Vegetarians and vegans need not be discouraged as there are plenty of options available. Many restaurants in Ireland have adapted their menus to suit veg preferences as well as converting traditional Irish Dishes to be kind. You can also find dedicated vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Ireland.

While exploring Ireland, be sure to immerse yourself in the local seasonal flavors and savor these iconic Irish fares that celebrate the country’s culinary traditions.  If an Ireland road trip doesn’t fit into your calendar or budget I have included recipes for some of the tasty Irish food and drinks.

Irish Stew

Irish stew simple meal provided sustenance during a period of economic hardships and poverty in the early 19th century.  Made with lamb or mutton, potatoes, onion, parsley (and possibly carrots or parsnips), this stew is cooked in one pot over several hours until the meat is tender and the stock is flavorful.

Shepherd’s Pie/Cottage Pie

#2 of Irish dishes: Shepherd's Pie with a wooden spoon ready to dish out
One of the most famous Irish Dishes – Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a hearty dish traditionally made with leftover meat and vegetables, topped and baked with mashed potatoes. Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie options are also available, using lentils and mushrooms as the base.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

(Irish but a misconception)

Corned beef and cabbage is a popular Irish dish in the USA leading up to St. Patricks Day, this Irish fare is not commonly found in Ireland. Irish immigrants follwing the diaspora from the potato famine adapted this dish and it never made it to the homeland. Cabbage and beef have Irish roots ofcourse, but this is not something you’ll find in the local pub, however you will find…

Boiled Bacon and Cabbage

Boiled Bacon and Cabbage is another one-pot meal and made from the salted pork back rather than the streakier pork belly.   The bacon is boiled and in the last 30 minutes, cabbage quarters are added and cooked in the seasoned water.  It is served with a creamy parsley sauce made from milk, herbs, and a roux. 

Smoked Salmon

smoked salmon with poached eggs and boxty served with greens and cherry tomatoes
Homemade boxty with smoked salmon and topped with poached eggs is a fantastic brunch.

Often served in coastal pubs on bread with butter, salt, and a squeeze of lemon, smoked salmon is a popular Irish delicacy. Sustainable fisheries in Ireland ensure a steady supply of this delicious fish as the wild salmon is becoming scarcer.


#5, 11, 12, and 18 of Irish dishes- a bowl of fish chowder with Irish Soda Bread covered in Irish butter
Four of our classic Irish Dishes for lunch: Chowder, soda bread, Irish butter, and Guinness

A classic dish showcasing Ireland’s resources, chowder combines onions, potatoes, cream, and a variety of fish such as salmon, haddock, hake, or monkfish, along with shellfish like mussels, crab, or langoustine. Chowder is typically served with Irish soda bread and butter (of course).

Fish and Chips

#7 irish dishes: battered fish and chips served with lemon, mushy peas, and tartar sauce served in newspaper

While originating from Britain, Ireland boasts numerous fish and chips shops. Enjoy crispy battered hake or cod served with thick-cut French fries, topped with nutty malt vinegar (and my chip condiment of choice). It’s a simple and delicious dish. If you’re visiting in June, you can even celebrate #nationalfishandchipday.


Delicious, creamy mashed potatoes mixed with spring onions. There are several variations of preparing champ, including infusing the milk with green onions or sautéing the whites of the onion and folding in the green tops.


#9 Irish dishes: mashing potatoes with a potatoe masher and cabbage for colcannan

Similar to champ, colcannon adds sautéed cabbage or kale to the creamy mashed potatoes.


Similar to latkes or hash browns, boxty is a fluffy potato pancake. Irish recipes typically combine mashed potato and grated raw potatoes with flour and buttermilk, resulting in a scrumptious treat.

Irish Soda Bread

This yeast-free bread, made with whole wheat flour, buttermilk, salt, and baking soda, has a crusty exterior and dense texture. Irish Soda Bread is customized with add-ins like dried fruit, cheese, or herbs and pairs well with jams, marmalades, or fresh butters.

Irish Butter

A herd of the beautiful black and white Kerry Cows grazing in a green meadow in Ireland
A herd of the beautiful black and white Kerry Cows grazing in a green meadow in Ireland.

Deliciously creamy Irish butter has a higher butterfat content offering a brighter, sweeter, more complex flavor profile.  The fat also makes it spread more easily and have a creamier consistency than American butters.  And the golden hue comes from the grass the cows graze on which is the rich with beta carotene (what makes carrots orange). 

 “With enough butter, anything is good.”

Julia Child

Black and White Pudding

#13 of Irish dishes:  a series of three pictures tasting black pudding for the first time. First I am apprehensive, the second I have the pudding in my mouth, and the third I realize it is not as expected and not bad.

For the more ambitious gastronomes, taste one of these classic puddings. White pudding is a type of sausage made of grain like oats, beef or pork suet (fat) and seasoning such as coriander, celery seed, marjoram, thyme, or sage.  Black pudding has the addition of cow, pork, or sheep blood.  There is an expectation that black pudding would have a metallic or irony taste, but it rather absorbs the flavors of the seasoning.  They fry the grainy sausage to achieve a crusty exterior and soft interior texture.

Full Irish Breakfast

#14 of Irish dishes: A table setting with a full Irish breakfast including sausage, potatoes, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, black pudding, cheese, toast, yogurt with currents, and a cup of Irish tea.
Full Irish Breakfast

It consists of bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, toast, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, and black or white pudding.  This hearty meal can sustain you for hours or rock you into a food coma as well as fulfill your daily calorie count. 

Irish Breakfast Tea

This strong black tea blends several teas originating in India, such as Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling. It offers a robust and intense flavor, perfect for tea enthusiasts with enough caffeine to make you vibrate.. Enjoy it with milk, lemon, or sugar, accompanied by a slice of Irish Soda Bread.


One of my personal favorite liquors and perfect balance of whisky, cream, and chocolate.  Internationally, people know and enjoy this smooth liquor, as it provides a yummy way to finish a meal.

Irish Whiskey

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with a splash of water, or in a cocktail, Irish whiskey has its own distinct characteristics. Irish whiskey distinguishes itself by being made from malted barley, aging for at least three years in casks, having a minimum proof of 80 when barreled, and offering a smooth and silky finish.

Guinness Stout

#18 of Irish Dishes- Posing in front of the Iconic Guiness Warehouse at St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland.
Posing in front of the Guinness Warehouse

My Goodness, My Guinness

Guinness Beer has long been known for its clever marketing campaigns and it’s deliciously smooth taste. Despite its rich dark color and creamy foam head, it is a complex and well-balanced stout. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor a pint during your trip.

Irish Coffee

The entrance of The Red Fox Inn, Ring of Kerry with its beautiful bright red doors standing out against the white plaster building covered in thick green ivy.
A stop along the Ring Road tour offering classic beverages like Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee also known as Caife Gaelach, A classic beverage made with four ingredients: whiskey, hot coffee, brown sugar, and whipped heavy cream. Sip the coffee through the cream for a unique taste experience. It’s a beloved Irish drink, although as a non-coffee drinker, this was my least favorite of all our Irish fodder.  

Tasting everything doesn’t mean you have to like it all and that is what epicurean adventures are all about – expanding our palates (and sometimes our waistlines for the love of good food).

Indulge in these delectable Irish dishes and beverages to fully immerse yourself in Ireland’s culinary delights and experience the country’s classic flavors and traditions.

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