As far as the eye can see – Icelandic Waters

Iceland water is made up of the most delicious, clean and clear glacial water.  Fill up your water bottle in a gas station sink.  Take a shower and your skin will be the softest it has ever felt.  Soak in a stinky, sulfur hot pot and your ailments will be healed.  So do I want to snorkel in the water over the continental divide, absolutely!!! 

I put on my thermals and Smart Wool socks and climbed into the dry suit with footies, mittens, cap, and fins and hopped into the water.  HOLY SHIT!! I mentioned earlier it’s glacial, right???  10 minutes in I could hardly feel my fingers, toes and face.  The water was so clear you could see filaments and particles floating.  No fish, no creatures, no coral — just a gaping break in the earth. We were told that the phrase “as far as the eye can see” came from that break in the earth since the water clarity is expected to be 150 meters!

Get the snorkel out of your mouth and lap up that water you’re swimming in and it tastes better than any bottle you have ever drunk.  

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