Pictures of Morocco

A collection of some of my favorite photos from touring Morocco.

For years, my dreams of Morocco ran wild. My sleepy visions were filled lounging around elegant Riads with wading pools centered around ornately tiled galleries. Sharing hookahs on deep floor poufs cozied up in corners covered in large area rugs and windows layered in lush fabrics and opulent brass lamps casting shadow mandalas across the walls and ceilings. Strikingly beautiful people with sun-kissed olive skin speaking a baroque mix of Arabic and French — their words gently curling and wrapping around one another as ornate as the furniture. The Sahara’s horizon fluidly dancing from the dry heat, speckled with clustered vegetation and mature palms offering the desired oasis. Crowded markets and hushed secrets and warm air drifting cinnamon, clove, and cumin along narrow alleys. Bejeweled mounds of couscous with apricots, currants, and pistachio. Morocco was a dream of texture, color, and enlivened senses with a synchronous heat-induced leisure.

Morocco has a rich cultural awareness to detail, a flowery country. A land of intentional crafting of words, design, and tastes. My romanticized Morocco was offered to me on a golden platter. Everything I had dreamed of was exactly as it was, a beautiful depiction from a travel magazine interwoven with more complexities and challenges that I had yet to face when travelling.

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